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Posted on 3, February 2017

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TEC Celebrating 20 Years of the Bitutainer/latest news


TEC celebrating our 20 year Anniversary in 2017!

The company started back in 1997, with the ambition of creating a containerised solution for transporting bulk bitumen, both inland and via sea transport.

The intermodal Bitutainer™ was born and the design was improved on and developed over the initial years with inputs from experienced tank container designers as well as bitumen industry experts in order to create a strong, robust and highly efficient tank container.

Something we are very proud of is that some of our first Bitutainers are still in operation today, which we consider a true testament to their durability and robust design.

Since starting with just one direct fire heated Bitutainer™, we now have over 20 tanks in our range catering for Bitumen, Crude Oil, Heavy Fuel Oils, Diesel and other light fuel oils as well as speciality tanks for individual products such as MEG.
Our bitumen tank range also offers 3 methods of heating across both transportation and storage tanks in direct fire, electric and thermal oil (including steam, hot water, etc.).

A key focus for us has always been to maintain a high level of quality and customer service, investing heavily in quality improvement procedures and personnel. This is the root of why we have grown into our position as the market leader in bitumen tank container supply and sold 1000’s of Bitutainers to nearly every continent (we aren’t holding our breath for that order from Antarctica!).

We are also proud over our 20 years to have served some of the largest companies in the industry, as well as helping smaller companies develop their business operations by offering technical and logistical advice.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their business over the last 20 years and look forward to working with all of you throughout 2017 and into the future.

The Team at TEC Container Solutions


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