TEC 40ft Non Potable Water Storage Tank/specialist tanks


Double Skinned and Bunded Tank which provide a Flexible and Re-locatable Solution for Safe and Secure Storage

Suitable for the On-Site Storage of Non-Potable Water for Fire Protection.

  • 65,000 Litre capacity (nominal)
  • ISO 1496 Part 3 - Type 70 classification
  • Special internal coating system suitable for Water
  • Ideal for use at temporary storage depots
  • Ships as a standard 40ft Hi-Cube container
  • Bunded double skin construction with corten outer skin
  • Cavity leak detection and cavity drain connection
  • Robust and durable design, ideal for harsh environments
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Technical Details


Max GW   75,000 Kgs
Payload    65,000 Kgs
Tare Wt. <10,000 Kgs


Length 12,192 mm (40’)
Width     2,438 mm (8’)
Height    2,895 mm (9’6”)

TEC 40ft Water Storage Tank

  Model TR-T-103W (For Storage of Water)