TEC 415bbl Crude Oil Storage Tank Model TR T 103 WC/storage tanks


Provides an Innovative and Versatile Concept in Temporary Wellhead or On-Site Storage

Suitable for the Storage of Crude and Heavy Fuel Oils (Electric Heating also available as a Modification)

  •  66,000 Litre or 415bbl Capacity
  •  Efficient double layered factory fitted heating coil
  •  External level gauge flange connections
  •  Special internal coating for Crude
  •  Ideal temporary storage at extended well test sites
  •  Transported empty as a standard 40ft Tank Container
  •  High value factory installed insulation
  •  Double skinned, fully framed with corner twistlocks
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Technical Details 


Max GW 75,700 Kgs
Payload 66,000 Kgs
Tare Wt. 9,700 Kgs


Length 12,192 mm (40’)
Width 2,438 mm (8’)
Height 2,895 mm (9’6”)

TEC 415bbl Crude Oil Storage Tank 

  Model TR-T-103-WC (For Thermal Oil, Steam or Hot Water Heating)