TEC 24Mt IM01 Rated Bitutainer™   Model TR T 778/transportation tanks


Fully  IMDG  Compliant  Tank Container with  ADR / RID and US DOT / TC  approvals

Suitable for the Storage and Transportation of Hot liquid Bitumen, Emulsions, Light and Heavy Fuel Oils.

  • 24 Metric Tonne Capacity (Nominal)
  • ISO 1496 Part 3 - Type 75 "Tank Container"
  • UN Coded T3 (IM01 Rated) with Lloyds approval
  • Inner vessel pressure tested to 4.0 bar
  • High Performance Heating Systems Available
  • High value factory installed insulation
  • Pressed corten steel outer skin
  • Fork Lift pockets fitted
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Technical Details 


Max GW 30,480 Kgs
Payload 23,630 Kgs
Tare Wt.<6,850 Kgs


Length 6,058 mm (20’)
Width 2,438 mm (8’)
Height 2,591 mm (8’6”)


TEC 24Mt IMO1 Rated Bitutainer™ 

  Model TR-T-778 (For Direct Fire Heating)